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Should I Allow A Local Business To Host My Website In Wisconsin?

As a website or business owner, the first thing we suggest you consider when deciding whether or not to go with a local web hosting company is this: Do they offer all of the services you need for your business? Local businesses do offer certain advantages over the national providers, like hands-on support and personalized customer service. But, local hosting providers don't always have the resources or vast server networks to compete with the larger companies.

For your website to succeed, you need to find a hosting provider who you can feel 100% confident in if there's ever an emergency. For these reasons, we host our websites with national hosting providers, but we'd never be afraid to recommend a local hosting business if they can provide you the service and security of a national company.

How Will I Know I'm Getting A Good Deal From My Web Hosting Provider?

You can expect your website hosting provider to provide you with a variety of services including SSL, a Content Delivery Network, backups, and more. A Content Delivery Network, also known as a CDN, takes the information you publish to your website from Wisconsin and spreads it out to a worldwide network of servers, which helps improve user experience on your website.

Local web hosting services

If you plan on making sales on your website in Wisconsin, you'll need SSL to protect the identity and information of your customers. Even the largest web hosting companies aren't immune to problems: That's why many of the best hosting providers offer daily backups, for free or for a fee. Small things like a personalized email address can really help you make strong connections with your audience, whether it be locally in Wisconsin or internationally around the world.

Find Out Where To Host Your Website In These Wisconsin Counties

Places In Wisconsin To Host Your Website

Meffert Web Hosting LLC
6642 Meffert Rd
Waunakee, WI 53597
(608) 669-2968
Distance: 18.1 miles

SparqTech Web Design
WI 53701-1473, USA
(608) 692-4187
Distance: 0.5 miles

Madison Web Host
215 Rockport Rd
Janesville, WI 53548
(608) 563-2474
Distance: 42.4 miles

IX Web Hosting
1774 Dividend Dr
Columbus, OH 43228-3845
(800) 385-0450
Distance: 496 miles

1958 950 E
Provo, UT 84606
(888) 401-4678
Distance: 1,377 miles

Web Hosting Canada
1030 Rue Beaubien E
Montréal, QC H2S 1T4
(514) 504-2113
Distance: 1,000 miles

Madison Web Host
107 N Thompson Dr
Madison, WI 53714-2020
(608) 244-5550
Distance: 6.4 miles

2820 Walton Commons Ln. Suite 108
Madison, WI 53718
(608) 277-7849
Distance: 7.3 miles

Christian Web Host
111 2nd Ave NE #620
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(614) 458-1176
Distance: 1,344 miles

5005 Mitchelldale St #100
Houston, TX 77092
(713) 574-5287
Distance: 1,138 miles

What Should I Look For In A Wisconsin Web Hosting Provider?

Whether you're building a personal website or a new website for your small business near Wisconsin, it needs to be fast, secure, and working all the time. If a website doesn't load in just a few seconds, people "bounce" — that is, they abandon the website without visiting any other pages. Security isn't just a luxury — it's a necessity for websites of all sizes, whether you're running a small business in Wisconsin or an international enterprise.

If it's the middle of the night and your website goes down, you don't want to have to wake someone up near your home in Wisconsin to fix it. We love working with local web designers and developers, but we're extra careful when it comes to working with hosting providers near Wisconsin because of the 24/7 demands that come with running a web hosting company.