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Is It A Good Idea To Have A Local Business In Pennsylvania Host My Website?

As a website or business owner, the first thing we suggest you consider when deciding whether or not to go with a local web hosting company is this: Do they offer all of the services you need for your business? Local businesses do offer certain advantages over the national providers, like hands-on support and personalized customer service. On the other hand, local website hosting companies don't always have the resources to compete with the massive server networks and infrastructure of a national hosting company.

You need to be able to trust your web host in Pennsylvania, especially if something happens to go wrong. We host our websites with large, national providers because of their vast network of resources, but we wouldn't hesitate to host with a local business if they could offer similar services along with personable customer service.

What Will I Get From My Web Hosting Provider?

You'll know you're getting a great package from your web hosting provider if it includes features such as a Content Delivery Network, secure sockets layer, free site backups, and customizable features such as a personal email address. A CDN will distribute the content you publish in Pennsylvania to servers throughout a broader network.

Local web hosting services

These days, an SSL certificate is basically a necessity. It improves your rank in Google and helps protect the personal information of your web traffic. Every reputable hosting company also provides a way to back up your website, so when something goes wrong (and it likely will at one point or another) your information will be safe A custom email address specific to your website's domain is a great way to personalize yourself and your site.

Find Out Where To Host Your Website In These Pennsylvania Counties

Places In Pennsylvania To Host Your Website

InfoQuest Technologies, Inc. | Colocation Data Center and Office
471 JPL Wick Dr
Harrisburg, PA 17111
(717) 541-8325
Distance: 5.7 miles

21 N Enola Dr
Enola, PA 17025
(717) 730-0780
Distance: 4.3 miles

Agape Web Host
851 Cumberland St #201lebanon
Lebanon, PA 17042-5238
(717) 277-0200
Distance: 34.8 miles

Fresh Roasted Hosting
4075 Linglestown Rd #146
Harrisburg, PA 17112-1020
(844) 403-7374
Distance: 8.2 miles

IX Web Hosting
1774 Dividend Dr
Columbus, OH 43228-3845
(800) 385-0450
Distance: 376 miles

Sharp Innovations
3113 Main St
Building B, Conestoga
(717) 290-6760
Distance: 45.8 miles

5005 Mitchelldale St #100
Houston, TX 77092
(713) 574-5287
Distance: 1,469 miles

Christian Web Host
111 2nd Ave NE #620
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(614) 458-1176
Distance: 1,036 miles

Anchor Hosting
342 N Queen St
Warehouse D, Lancaster
(717) 715-0357
Distance: 38.6 miles

Blue Bell Web Hosting, LLC
600 W Germantown Pike #400
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
(610) 260-1482
Distance: 94.4 miles

What Should I Look For In A Pennsylvania Web Hosting Provider?

Speed, reliability, and security are among the first things we discuss with our clients in Pennsylvania who need web hosting. A website's speed can be the difference between return customers in Pennsylvania or visitors who never return. We can't overstress the importance of security when it comes from a web hosting provider. Usually, the larger hosting providers have more resources to devote to keeping your website secure — but that doesn't mean they don't have issues.

When web hosting providers talk about "uptime", what they're really talking about is reliability — and yes, it's important. We usually recommend national hosting providers, even for small businesses based in Pennsylvania. It's simply because they tend to have the infrastructure necessary to maintain close to 100% uptime and keep hackers at bay.